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The real Thule 961XT Speedway 2-Bike Trunk Rack Detailed description:

The Speedway is simple to install and designed to fit most vehicles

The Thule Speedway 2-Bike Trunk Rack is a simple-to-install and easy-to-use trunk rack carrier chock full of value-added features that place it ahead of the competition. Designed for two bikes stowed at the rear exterior of your vehicle, it features near universal vehicle compatibility, optimized settings for a wide variety of vehicles, easy to install parking friendly carrier arms and an anti-sway cage feature which keeps bikes in transit from moving and/or scratching each other and your vehicle.

The Thule Speedway 2-Bike Trunk Rack Carrier mounted on a car rack

Quality 2-bike trunk carrier transport from Thule.
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Quality 2-Bike Trunk Carrying Capacity

The Thule 961XT Speedway 2-Bike Trunk Rack has a two bicycle carrying capacity and a new improved design that greatly increases its number of possible vehicle fits. It also utilizes Thule’s easy-to-use, patented FitDial for the perfect fit to your vehicle exterior, quick installation and an exclusive push-button feature for folding down bike arms so they are out of your way when not in use. This bicycle rack features Thule’s T3 Cradles that lock down bikes and cradles while still allowing complete adjustment along the bike arm, and No-Sway Cages that control bike movement to keep your bicycles from colliding, and are removable for ease of use. The Thule Speedway provides you with a super-stable fit to your vehicle with six straps, and has a metallic-silver finish that looks great on any and every vehicle. The Speedway itself weighs only 12 lbs, and has a maximum carrying capacity of 70 lbs.

Carrier arms of the Thule Speedway 2-Bike Trunk Rack Carrier with attached T3 cradles and No Sway cages

The T3 frame cradle and No-Sway Cage fixture guarantee no movement or contact by/with bikes.
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The interior hub of the Thule Speedway 2-Bike Trunk Rack Carrier showing the FitDial adjustment feature

The FitDial adjustment feature means a fast, perfect fit to every vehicle.
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Simple No-Sway, No-Hassle Features

Bike trunk mount carriers do not require a rack, are easy to install and offer easy access to bikes. This makes them common, especially with new cyclists, but they can also be one of the least stable and awkward options on the road, sometimes leading to bike-on-bike and bike-to-vehicle contact and presenting problems with parking. The Thule 961XT Speedway 2-Bike Trunk Rack Carrier does away with these issues with its no-sway, no hassle usability. It quickly secures to trunk and/or hatchback seams with multiple straps just like other carriers in its class, but also contains unique setup features. The first of these is a wing adjustment knob and FitDial combo with recommended numerical positions for specific vehicles. This limits the trial and error in how the carrier should lay against your vehicle. Once this optimal fit position is confirmed it is locked into place with easy to turn wing adjustment knobs. Then there is the one-button connection feature for carrier arms, allowing for instantaneous installation, removal and twisting of the arms to the side, then down and out of the way for parking situations with the carrier on, but empty of bikes. Most impressive though is the No-Sway cage feature. Attaching and extending below each of the T3 cradles that support your bike frame and attach to the carrier arms, these dramatically reduce bike frame movement front-to-back and side-to-side.

Key Features

  • Thule 961XT Speedway carries up to 2 bikes on the trunk or hatchback of your vehicle.
  • Easy-to-use and patented FitDial functionality for a perfect fit and fast installation.
  • Exclusive push-button feature allows bike rack arms to fold down when not in use, allowing for easy parking and pulling into garages.
  • Universal compatibility with hatchbacks, coupes, wagons, sedans, minivans, SUV’s.
  • SoftCushion bike rack frame pads fully protect vehicle trunk or rear hatch.
  • Super-stable fit to car using six straps with all hardware and straps included. Vinyl-coated buckles provide firm hold to vehicle and fully protect against marks and scratches.
  • Best-in-class Thule T3 Cradles that snugly hold each bicycle in place for maximum frame protection and stability.
  • Includes 955 No-Sway Cages that ensure there no bicycle sway on the cradles, preventing bike-to-bike contact, and contact with the vehicle.
  • Metallic silver finish complements the look of any vehicle.
  • Narrow cradle arms allow this rear mount strap-on bike rack to work with virtually all styles, shapes and sizes of bicycles.
  • Guaranteed secure at high speeds and on rough roads.

What’s in the Box

961XT Speedway 2-Bike Trunk Rack, all the necessary cradles, straps, knobs and hardware, and instruction guide and warranty information.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Thule will warranty all Thule brand car rack systems and its accessories manufactured by Thule during the time that an original retail purchaser owns the product. This warranty terminates if a purchaser transfers the product to any other person. No warranty is given for defects caused by normal wear and tear, cosmetic rust, scratches, accidents, unlawful vehicle operation, or modification of, or any types of repair of a load carrier system other than those authorized by Thule.

About Thule

Thule was founded in 1942 by the Thulin family, when Eric Thulin, a true lover of the outdoors, put the Thule name on a pike trap he designed and began to sell in Scandinavia. It wasn’t long before he added other practical items to the company’s portfolio. By the 1960s, the company began to concentrate on car-related products, including its first roof rack. The Thulin family sold Thule to the publicly listed company Eldon in 1979, and it has continued to grow both organically and through acquisitions ever since. The Thule Group is a world leader in providing transport solutions for an active life.

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